About Us
Other activities the College Point Citizens for Memorial Day sponsors:

  • Sponsor and Americanism Essay Contest in our local schools to promote the spirit of Patriotism. A $250.00 tuition scholarship is awarded to the student of each school whose essay is the best in his or her school. In addition, the student whose essay is selected as the best of all the schools- is awarded an additional $100.00 savings bond. This bond is awarded at the end of the parade's ceremonies.
  • Veteran members of the Memorial Day Parade committee, visit local schools and speak about Memorial Day, how to display the American Flag properly and the facts about how the Poppy originated and what is done with the money collected from the veterans distributing Poppies in front of stores, just prior to Memorial Day. Veterans also talk about their war time experiences and answer questions from students.
  • The committee also provided finacial support to Veteran organizations for their trips to Veteran Hospitals where they provide hospitalized veterans with gifts and refreshments and/or provide entertainment.
  • Video tapes of the annual Memorial Day Parade are provided to the College Point community's nursing homes for viewing by the residents.
  • Boy Scout and other community projects and/or events receive financial support when their projects benefit the community or Patriotism.
College Point Citizens For Memorial Day, Inc • P.O. Box 564402 • College Point, NY 11356